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A clear indication that times have really changed is when you can now get piano tutorial online. What used to include you and a strict instructor sitting side by side and playing the same set of scales for hours on end, can now be done whenever you want, for as long as you want. This is one of the many reasons why I chose to learn how to play the piano using online lessons, and if you are even a bit interested on why I think this is better than proper piano lessons then you should continue reading and let me convince you to go to my side.


Piano Tutorial Online Are Much Cheaper

If you take into consideration how much it would cost you to enroll in a music school just to learn piano, you would definitely want to take the same lessons online. Proper piano instructions often costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on the caliber of your instructor, and that is just for learning the basics. With online lessons, you need not pay the instructor for his time because everything is already pre-recorded. In fact, you can even get free lessons if you go to video sharing websites like Youtube; there are thousands of piano lesson videos in there and they will not cost you a cent.


Piano Tutorial Online Are More Convenient

Piano TutorialI generally do not have much free time on my hands because of my work and my family; I consider myself lucky if I can get a couple of hours to myself during the weekend. And because of my erratic schedule, getting regular piano lessons is impossible, which is why I settled for online lessons. These online piano lessons let me continue where I left off whenever I get enough free time; this way I do not have to work my schedule around piano lessons and just take my time and just learn how to play the piano at my own leisure.


Are Online Lessons Better?

The thing about online lessons on how to play the piano is that they are not as good as regular piano lessons; but if you take your time searching, you can find online lessons that are quite decent and easy to understand. For instance, if you do a search in Youtube for “piano lessons” you will get dozens, if not hundreds of results, if you take your time searching through every one of them, you are bound to find some excellent video series that can teach you everything that you need to know about playing the piano.


In Closing

Piano TutorialThough it cannot match the quality of instruction you can get from a professional piano tutor, online lessons do have a couple of advantages of its own. If you do not have much free time, or if you have no room in your budget, or even if you are too shy to get piano lessons because you think that you are too old for them, then you should definitely try getting piano tutorial online.