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I do not have enough free time during the day to learn how to play the piano, which is why I got myself good piano tutorial software so that I can teach myself how to play. I really regret that I did not continue with my piano lessons way back when I was still a kid, now I have an old piano that’s gathering dust in my living room because no one in my family knows how to play it. So, one day I decided to learn how to play the darn thing, which is why I got myself a piece of software to teach me.


Reasons For Using Piano Tutorial Software

Not having enough free time for proper lessons is just one of the many reasons I settled on using software for piano lessons. Another reason is because I am a bit ashamed to start taking piano lessons now that I am an adult. Having someone to teach me and my clumsy little hands to play basic songs is a bit humiliating for someone my age, so I would rather just teach myself the basics; and besides, I do not have any plans of playing in front of a large crowd anyway, so proper lessons would only be a waste of my time.


Where Can You Get Piano Tutorial Software

Piano TutorialThe great thing about piano software is that you can get them almost anywhere. You can get a DVD installer for your home computer or laptop, or you can download the program from the internet. I recommend that you use the latter method because you they offer a free trial period so that you can test it out first and find out if it is right for you. Besides the program installed in my laptop, I also have a piano lesson app installed in my phone, so even if I am out of the house, I can still practice my scales.


Is It Better Than Proper Piano Lessons?

Obviously, no software available can beat personal piano lessons. With an actual instructor, you can get tailor-made tips that can really help improve your piano playing skills. But piano lesson software does have a couple of good points about them that cannot be found in real piano instructors, for one thing you can take your lessons right before you go to bed; good luck in finding an instructor that will go to your house at that time. And another thing about piano lesson software, it is much cheaper than actual lessons. When you compare proper piano lessons, which costs hundreds of dollars, piano software is cheaper because you can get a good one for under a hundred dollars only.


In Closing

Piano TutorialEven though the quality of instruction of piano software cannot beat that of proper piano lessons, software do have a couple of advantages. If you are like me, and you can barely scrounge up a couple of hours during the weekend for some personal time, then using piano tutorial software is the best choice for learning how to tickle the ivories.