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I do not have enough free time during the day to learn how to play the piano, which is why I got myself good piano tutorial softwareso that I can teach myself how to play. I really regret that I did not continue with my piano lessons way back when I was still a kid, now I have an old piano that’s gathering dust in my living room because no one in my family knows how to play it. So, one day I decided to learn how to play the darn thing, which is why I got myself a piece of software to teach me.

Reasons For Using Piano Tutorial Software

Not having enough free time for proper lessons is just one of the many reasons I settled on using software for piano lessons. Another reason is because I am a bit ashamed to start taking piano lessons now that I am an adult. Having someone to teach me and my clumsy little hands to play basic songs is a bit humiliating for someone my age, so I would rather just teach myself the basics; and besides, I do not have any plans of playing in front of a large crowd anyway, so proper lessons would only be a waste of my time.

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