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I have always loved watching videos on Youtube, and I love it even more now that I found out about piano tutorial Youtubevideos. There are countless numbers of piano tutorials in the most popular video sharing website in the entire internet, and you can actually learn quite a bit from them. But not everyone can learn to play the piano just by watching an online video, to find out if you are not one of them, then continue reading.

Why Use Piano Tutorial Youtube Videos In The First Place?

There are many reasons why people go to Youtube for music lessons, but the most common reason is because these lessons come for free. Unlike traditional piano lessons that can cost thousands of dollars even for basic lessons, you can watch online videos and learn the same things for free. Another reason for favoring Youtube video tutorials is because it lets the person learn the piano at his own pace. I, for instance, do not have a lot of free time to take proper piano lessons, so sometimes I just place my laptop beside our piano and click on a video tutorial and start playing along. Even though it took me a longer time to learn the piano, at least it did not cost me anything.

Other Benefits Of Using Youtube Piano Tutorials

Piano TutorialBesides being free, there are other reasons why lots of people use Youtube videos as learning aids in playing the piano; one is that you can actually learn to play pop songs. When you take up proper piano lessons, the pieces that your instructor will be teaching you are probably from the masters like Beethoven and Bach. Not that there’s anything wrong with learning these classical piano pieces, it’s just that I feel that they can get pretty boring, especially for the younger crowd. With Youtube tutorials, you can find videos that teach you how to play the piano versions of modern pop songs, this makes learning to play the piano a very enjoyable experience.


Which Piano Tutorial Youtube Videos Should You Watch?

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Youtube piano tutorials, only a select few of them are actually very helpful. To find out which videos are any good, you should check the comments area of the website before you continue watching the video. Another indication of really good piano lessons in Youtube is if the videos have lesson numbers in the title. If the uploader of the video is really serious about teaching, then the videos that he uploads will be in an organized and easy to follow manner.


In Closing

Piano TutorialThough learning to play any musical instrument in Youtube does not compare to actual piano lessons, it is a lot more entertaining. So, if you have a piano at home, and it’s just gathering dust because no one knows how to play, just take out your laptop and search for piano tutorial Youtube videos and start learning how to play those keys.

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